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Great Questions During My Live Chat for Aesthetic Media Live on Facebook

Great Questions During My Live Chat for Aesthetic Media Live on Facebook

It was great to answer questions from you and the Aesthetic Medicine Live team on Facebook today. Thank you so much for all your questions, I thought I’d include these below with my answers.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing you all at Aesthetic Medicine Live 2015 on 25th and 26th April, do please come an visit us on Stand A17.


“Will you be showcasing any new products at the show?” (Aesthetic Medicine Live 2015)

“Yes, new products from both NeoStrata and Exuviance – come and see us to find out more about NeoStrata Enlighten Pigment Controller and our new back bar range that we are launching this spring to support the ProPeel System. We also have some great marketing tools to help existing and new customers alike.  Fiinally, the new Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate as featured in the latest Aesthetic Medicine Magazine and available to test at Aesthetic Medicine Live too.”


“I am 60 plus years old what products should I use?”

“I would recommend looking at NeoStrata Skin Active if you have non-sensitive skin, a cleanser and eye cream to use twice a day then a day and a night cream complete the range. Between the products you have the right balance of clinically proven ingredients for long term skin fitness and a great complexion. For further info see www.neostrata.co.uk.  Of course, making sure you are taking the right supplements can make a huge difference. Aneva Derma nutritional skin beverage is packed with clinically proven ingredients that your body absorbs and uses to support new collagen in your skin and increased hydration – in short a glowing and healthy appearance! www.aneva.co.uk.”


“I’m 54 but my hands look 70. What should I use for age spots and wrinkles? I’ve heard a peel might help?”

“Absolutely, peels can be great for hands. Make sure you visit our website to find your nearest practitioner http://www.neostrata.co.uk and ask for a NeoStrata Brightening Peel. You will need to prep your hands before, and your practitioner will advise the best products for your skin type. You will also be advised as to the best products to use during and after the course of (usually 6) peels to support and maintain the results. As the answers previously, look for ingredients that will support your skin’s barrier function and promote skin fitness as well as ingredients that take and keep away the discolouration you mention. I hope this will help.


“I’ve been told that I suffer with rosacea, is there anything that can help?”

“Firstly, do look for your nearest stockist at http://www.neostrata.co.uk where you will find a list of many of the Country’s top skincare specialists. The ingredients known as PHAs (poly and bionic hydroxyacids) are very effective not only for photo damage and promoting skin health but also at supporting skin with rosacea, what’s more they are inherently gentle and formulated for not only sensitive skin but also for damaged, treated and reactive skin. Try our Restore range at http://www.neostrata.co.uk/product_range/restore/


“What can I use to tighten my skin?”

“Well, there are loads of machines, techniques and technologies out there for skin tightening. In the first place make sure you see a skin expert – you can find plenty when you look at http://www.aestheticsource.com. If you are considering any form of aesthetic procedure get your skin in to tip-top condition with a nutraceutical product such as Aneva Derma and then look at skincare products that will help you produce abundant collagen and other essential components for a youthful and healthy skin. Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate is a great new product that delivers high strength and highly effective retinol in a special formulation, with ingredients such as neoglucosamine, designed to reduce the sensitivity and side effects we all associate with Vitamin A (retinol and retinoids).


“What products are best for pigmentation?”

“Pigmentation is a tricky area, you need ingredients to clear existing pigmentation, but then you also need ingredients to stop the production of new pigmentation. In the EU we have tight rules and have lost various ingredients that had been used successfully in the past due to side effect issues. So, Kojic Acid is great, and is now back having been withdrawn from the EU previously. The maximum does we can use in cosmetics is 1%. If you combine it with other ingredients such as butyl resorcinol, and highly effective plant extracts – one of the very best being tetrahydrocurcumin for turmeric, the results can be amazing. Have a look at http://www.neostrata.co.uk/product_range/enlighten/ and we are just about to launch Enlighten Pigment Controller.”


“What are the best sun care products to use for the face if you have oily skin?”

“I would really recommend NeoStrata Sheer Hydration – it is now SPF 35, and is formulated with NeoStrata’s patented NeoGlucosamine™, clinically proven to improve volume and firmness, smoothing wrinkles from the inside out. The broad spectrum sunscreen will protect your skin from further damage while Phytotal®, a blend of neem and burdock root, reduces surface oiliness without irritation.”


“What do you recommend for tiny bleed lines above the top lip?”

“Start with a good everyday skincare regimen like NeoStrata Skin Active, but for the specific lines on your top lip a relatively new ingredient called AminoFil is creating huge interest among dermatologists. It is a novel ingredient that quickly builds skin thickness, increases GAGs and pro-collagen/collagen. You can find it at http://www.aestheticsource.com/d60088-skin-active-line…


“How can I help reduce the appearance of large pores?”

“Good skincare ingredients that support the skin barrier and increase the thickness of the skin through building essential skin components such as collagen and things we call GAGs like hyaluronic acid (HA) – brings loads of water to the skin for a fuller and hydrated healthy look. The ingredients to look for would be poly and bionic poly hydroxyacids and neoglucosamine – which has a fabulous ability to build new HA in your skin.

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