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Glycolic acid is a fruit acid derived from sugar cane and is a miracle skin solution for fresher, younger, healthier skin. Chris Henry looks at why it’s a great ingredient for skincare.

When your skin is looking dull, tired and ‘old’ then you will instinctively reach for a moisturising cream or maybe even a stronger, cosmetic solution such as dermal fillers. However, one solution has been provided by Mother Nature and comes in the form of glycolic acid.

Because glycolic acid is acidic and highly soluble it readily absorbs into your skin, which is also naturally slightly acidic, and becomes wonderful as an exfoliator. It will gently and effectively enhance cell turnover, removing the dead, dull, surface cells to reveal bright, glowing skin.

Glycolic Acid has proven anti-ageing benefits and has also been used to help the appearance of acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and other skin conditions.

Lorna Bowes, from Aesthetic Source skincare, believes it’s an ingredient to look-out for on your skin care products: “Glycolic acid is great for skin fitness because it safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, bringing fresh new skin to the surface, as well as increasing essential dermal components such as collagen and effectively thickening your skin to improve the skin barrier function.

“It is therefore beneficial for people looking for products which will help with anti-ageing. Glycolic acid can also help treat sun spots or age spots and skin discolouration while it is also beneficial for people looking to treat acne-prone and blackhead-prone skin.”

For a deep-cleanse and instant ‘brightening’ effect many face peel treatments also contain glycolic acids. A face peel treatment is often used as a ‘treat’ treatment to boost a skincare regime; something which really gives your skin a healthy glow and that feeling of being hydrated and clean.

“Because healthy skin is naturally acidic – around pH 4.5 – 5.5 – the use of glycolic acid can help to restore this balance when it’s been upset by too much sun exposure, bad diet or environmental factors,” says Lorna. “Remember too – the effects are compound – which means that frequent use will bring better and better benefits as well as beautiful skin.”