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Aesthetic Nurses: Patient people

Despite being incredibly busy launching Aesthetic Source last year, taking on the distribution of NeoStrata and Exuviance in the UK, I’m still as passionate about nursing and, particularly, the position of nurses in the aesthetic industry, as ever.

I originally trained as a nurse in the NHS and, after qualifying, I 96 particularly relished working as a staff nurse in dermatology. I entered the aesthetics industry in the early 1990s and soon after set up and ran my own practice. More recently, I have qualified privately as a Nurse Independent Prescriber to support my aesthetics practice.

What do patients want from their aesthetic practitioner?
First, they : want to be assured that their practitioner has all the necessary experience and training to carry out a successful procedure and, secondly, they want a relationship where they feel comfortable with their practitioner. A nurse is trained to have to have an empathetic relationship with the patient that often differs from the relationship that the doctor or surgeon has forward to the patient. A nurse takes time to really understand the patient and their wishes and concerns.

That’s not to say you are compromising on either training or experience either. Reportedly, aesthetic nurses are responsible for 70 per cent of non-surgical treatments that are carried out in the UK; even if you’re seeing a doctor or surgeon-led clinic, you will often receive the non-surgical treatments from the aesthetic nurse.

Industry recognition?
In recent years we’ve seen increasing recognition of the important and valid position that wholesale jerseys nurses hold in the aesthetic industry, and this was reflected in the recent Aesthetics Awards. These are the big industry awards attended by the great cheap nba jerseys and good and, at the 2012 ceremony, nurses played a prominent role.

Emma Davies, our current Chair of de The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), won Services to the Industry. The BACN itself won Association of the Year and the Best Mobile Practitioner and the Best Clinic (four rooms or more) were also both won by nurses.

But this shouldn’t be surprising. Nursing in general in the UK leads the way worldwide in terms of advancing the position of nurses and broadening the responsibility that senior nurses can hold. You can see that seniority well represented in the wholesale nba jerseys aesthetic industry, where a large portion of aesthetic nurses in the UK are Nurse Independent Prescribers.

What’s next for aesthetic nursing?
In 2012 I was on the team that developed and launched the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing ‒ this is the only peer-reviewed journal of aesthetics in the UK and I’m delighted to be one of the two consulting editors.

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, set up a few years ultimate ago by a small group of us, is the largest group representing aesthetic practitioners in the UK, and is currently working closely with wholesale nfl jerseys the government to establish the best way forward for aesthetic practice and to ensure consumer safety. It is Carica this aspect ‒ improving consumer safety in the aesthetics industry ‒ that drives me and other aesthetic nurses. We want to ensure the patient has the best possible experience in our hand

In my next post, I’ll explain exactly what a Nurse Independent Practitioner is…